Sunday, January 14, 2007


Those three letters are not the most fun to write. Did not finish... I chose to not run the Goofy Challenge even though I was ready physically. It was a tough decision, but ultimately I think I decided right.

I was a t a point where I was just getting back into my long runs and had several really strong back to back long runs in the fall in preparation for Goofy. Goofy is running the Disney Half Marathon Saturday and the full marathon on Sunday. To train, I run half the distance of my Saturday long run on Friday. Sounds awful but it is a great way to prepare to tackle Goofy and the body really does respond well if you mix in cross-training, strength and flexibility to recover.

Anyway, on December 20th we put my Nan (grandma) in hospice and she passed away December 31, 2006 at the age of 100 years. Although we celebrated her long life, it still took a toll on my training during the taper and more importantly my emotions. I went from being super excited to tackle Goofy, to not wanting to run it at all. Very weird...

I think it was the total sum of losing my father, my dog and my gram in just a short few months. I thought briefly about running the race in memory of them, but I couldn't pull it together emotionally. I still believe I will do that later this year.

Goofy will be there next year and I will train and toe the line again. btw, if you want to race Goofy it sells out quickly. You should stay tuned to the Disneyworld Marathon website and sign up when it opens.

I ran the 5K with my family (John my husband, mom, sister and nephew Alec). We had a ball at Diseyworld and in the end it was a very tough day for a marathon or even half. 85 degrees and very humid. A huge congratulations goes out to all the marathoners (and halfers) and Goofies that reached the start and finish line that day. It was a brutal day and your bragging rights should be extended!

Happy Trails,



Pam said...

I ran the half on Saturday but started with GI symptoms in the middle of the night. I soldiered on and made it to the start Sunday a.m. but got back on the bus and went back to the hotel, feeling very dehydrated and depleted. It would have been my 2nd marathon, and the training for Goofy was very time consuming so I've been very depressed all week. Even the Gators winning the Ntl Title didn't cheer me up! But, I'm already registered for Goofy for 2008! Gotta look ahead and set another goal.

Susan B. said...

I was very blessed to complete Goofy for the first time and I would agree that it was brutal. The humidity was horrid. I was so grateful to finish Goofy for the first and last time. Once for Goofy was plenty for me. My husband completed his first marathon and this was clearly a difficult first marathon. Thanks for all you do for the running world!!!!

Sam said...

Sorry to hear you lost your Grandma. I lost my mom a couple years ago and even though she had a long life, 86 years, losing her still hurt and I underwent another change in my life.

It's still a combination of missing her presence and also realizing my own mortality.

Go get Goofy next year!
Happy Trails!