Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Right of Spring

Well it has been an incredible month of travel. Three weeks in Antarctica with 200 runners for the 2007 Antarctica Marathon and Half Marathon. I worked on the crew that produced the race and got to ride ATVs to set up the course. An adventurous few weeks to say the least.

Then I ran a marathon in Ushuaia, Argentina called Fin Del Mundo or in english, the End of the World. Many beautiful miles in their national forest and snow-capped mountains all around us. I am a little embarassed to say I placed 2nd in my age group (there were only 4 women in my age group:) and received a trophy so large I couldn't fit it in my suitcase. A running memory I will always charish.

Then I was off to sunny Tucson and the Valley of Gold Half Marathon. This is one of the most beautiful races I've been to and rolls through the valley at the base of the Catalina Mountains. We had lovely weather and sun and it was a nice way to thaw out from the expedition.

Sunday, I met about 200 of our Chicago Endurance Sports runners take part in Chicago's Right of Spring, the Shamrock Shuffle 8K. Over 30,000 runners all running for the finish. Can you blame them? There is beer, music and a great t-shirt.

There is a race in every town that launches the running season. Ours is the Shuffle, and after a long winter it sure was great to move closer to warmer weather and the hope of longer miles.

Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny

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