Monday, November 26, 2007

It's been a long time since I've had such a perfect holiday weekend. There have been countless wonderful "parts" of holidays but never a perfect 10. From start to finish it was a wonderful blend of family, friends, running and relaxation.

It started with running the Turkey Trot in Chicago, a tradition that goes way back in my running years. We met up with our good friends Shari, Tom and Jill and headed to the start line. It was the first REAL cold day in Chicago with snow and wind and I welcomed it because I knew for the first time this season I wouldn't be overdressed:) We hugged, took our places in line (we all run at various paces) and reminded each other of the true goal at the finish...get to Shari and Tom's to warm up, celebrate and enjoy lox and bagels.

I ended up having a great race and pushed harder than I thought I would. The first 1.5 miles is important to push because it is on a wide road which then narrows to a path that can only handle 3-4 people across. Once on the path you are pretty much stuck with what you have... So, I pushed hard, felt great and passed a number of people...except for the girl in the boxer shorts. She was with me the entire race. We were exchanging places back and forth, she would pass me and then I would pass her. So, I used the little wisdom I've developed in the 40 years on this planet and sat on her shoulder for a few minutes until the last half mile and then took off. Feeling over confident and proud of my tactics I launched my finish line push and then got "the Tap." Its been a very long time since I felt the tap and I must admit it was the perfect strategy. The Boxer short girl tapped my shoulder. I looked back and she went flying right through so quickly I had no idea she passed and beat me to the finish line until it was all over. Brilliant. My competitive spirit was even proud of her! It was a fun day of running and one that I will remember for ever. I was grateful for a strong race and to share the morning with my wonderful friends. Life is good.

My brother and I ran a great 16 miler Friday. It was a personal record for him and the longest he's ever run in the history of Scott Hadfield! We set out from the north end of the Chicago Lakefront Path and ran south 16 miles to the 63rd Street Beach House. My husband John (the Penguin) crewed for us along the way which made things easier. A perfect way to get a long run in and see the beautiful Chicago lakefront too. I am super proud of him and can't wait to run the Disney Marathon with him in January.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Happy Trails,



L said...

Congrats to your bro.

I was at the Turkey Trot, my first 8k, and had a blast. Snow and all!!

Jenny said...

Congrats to you! Well done!

Sam said...

Ahem, you made your move too early coach.
Next year blow it out at 50 meters. Boxer girl is one of those darned sprinters.
You'll get her!
Great, fun read and happy holidays!