Monday, February 11, 2008

A Real Winter...

Typically by this time in the winter season I am counting the hours until the warmer weather arrives but there is something mysteriously fun about having a 'real' winter. We've been hit with five major snow storms, record lows and sleet, rain and a tornado. I call this 'character building' weather. It makes me appreciate the warm weather when it does arrive.

When I was a kid, I remember the snow being up to the roof of our garage and how excited we would get when school was canceled. We use to play for hours and even attempted making a sled luge from the garage [never panned out and it was never a good idea].

So as yet another snow storm rolls into the Chicagoland area today I am planning my play time wisely. Snow shoes are at the door waiting and my mittens are being washed as I write.

Until then, I'll stick with my winter goal of cleaning out my office. Its a great time to do it, but its not as much fun as plunging off a roof!



L said...

I'm am over this Chicago winter. I can't stand it! At least the storm they said was coming didn't hit! ;)

Vendelascity said...

I agree, this crazy winter is getting old! I'm dreaming of summer and just registered to run the San Diego Marathon. Funny to be thinking about this while logging sloppy miles in the slush and snow, wearing two pairs of tights :)