Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two Races In One Day

I'm having a great summer so far. The weather has given us plenty of cool running days and I'm really getting excited about the next few weeks. I haven't run a 5K in years and I headed up to Palatine Sunday, August 17th for the Jogginforthenoggin' 5K. It will be fun to run in honor of my dad and see if my legs still know how to run fast. A fun race for a great cause for sure. If you're in the Chicago area, please join us.

Then I'm going to attempt to run two races at the same time in two different cities! Holy bib numbers Batman! How can that be done? Easy...I registered for the virtual Nike+ Human Race 10K on August 31st. Nike is hosting the world's largest 10K in 25 cities around the globe...ON THE SAME DAY! Since I am going to be speaking at and running the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach that weekend, I am going to strap on my Nike+ system, put on my RnR bib and run two races at once! I'll finish my half on the beach (the best way to end the summer...), log in to my Nike+ account and log mile Human Race 10K miles too! Two races, one day, three great causes.

Life is good.



Jennifer H said...

Holy bib numbers, indeed! Not everyone can run two races at once! You win =0)

Carmen said...

Hi Jenny,
What do you think of Nike plus vs. Garmin forerunner?

I have a Garmin and love the features, but I also like the community nike plus offers.