Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long Run

Got in a 9-miler today. We had a snow storm last night, so I was expecting a tough run. It actually turned out to be a highlight run of the season. Sunny, warmer and great conversation the whole way. There is nothing like a long run that seems short:)

I am recovering from the Disney - Goofy Race and a Half Challenge in early January. Someone at Disney thought it would be cool to host the Half Marathon Saturday and the full Marathon on Sunday and then offer a Goofy Challenge and a Half and run both! I heard they thought 300 people would do it, they ended up with 3,000! John Bingham and I were "Goofy" and ran it and as it turned out, it was actually a lot of fun! It made me focus on pacing and strategy, making sure that I finish the marathon. The pacing plan worked and I ended up running the last mile of the marathon the fastest. I am convinvced negative splits are the way to go. Take the first half of the race slower than the second. It works like a charm and you look good for the photo at the finish line:)

Happy Trails,


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