Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Which Shoes are the best for running?

QUESTION: My running partner wears Nike shoes. She says they are the best.
Should I buy Nike shoes? Also where is the best place to buy shoes?
Thank You


What works for one person may not work for another. Buying shoes is like eyeglasses. Everyone has different needs for support and fit.

I highly encourage you to go shopping at a local running specialty store and get fitted.

Shop later in the day when your feet are swollen to avoid buying shoes that are too small. Your feet also swell when running. Wear the same socks you plan to wear running and make sure they are made of wicking material like Dri-fit or coolmax.

Knowledgeable running store employees should do the following when fitting you with shoes:

The store should have a wide variety of shoes and brands. The staff should have a good working knowledge of each shoe and what is provides.

They should ask how many miles you run per week, on what terrain and your running experience and goals.

If you’ve been running regularly in shoes, bring them with you. Although it is not an exact science, examining wear patterns may give them some clues as to which shoes will fit you best.

They should look at the shape of your foot and measure it standing and seated. Doing so will tell them how your foot measures both weight bearing and non-weight bearing. Looking at the shape will give them a starting point for determining the degree of stability you may need in your shoes.

Patience is a virtue. You may have to try on several pairs of shoes before you find the pair that fits the best. They should watch you run in each pair to make sure the shoe supports your needs.

Ultimately, it comes down to fit and feel. Once you determine the style that will best support you, finding the most comfortable model is that last step. The shoe should feel comfortable the minute you put it on. If it doesn’t, keep shopping.

Happy Trails,
Coach Jenny

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