Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When Life Intervenes...

It has been awhile since my last post. I had goals to train, to run a Spring Ultra Marathon. The goals have been set aside and the miles shortened. Now, I run to stay strong and postive. I run to get through the emotional tornado that has ripped through my life. I run, because my dad can't.

My father has hit a rough spot in his life and in he is six weeks into radation for an in-operable brain tumor. What happens when life intervenes and turns it upside down? We run...

This blog is dedicated to my dad. His strength and will to live inspires me to live life to the fullest.


Leslie Taylor said...


I will keep your father (and you) in my prayers. That's alot to cope with while encouraging all of us. Thank you for sharing such a personal event in your life.

Leslie Taylor
Columbus, OH

Jenny said...

Thanks for your support Leslie. It was wonderful to see you in Columbus this weekend.

Mike from said...

Hi Jenny-

You ran by me on the path the other day, and today I just got the Chicago Marathon email with you as the featured training coach. How far you have come! I think what you have done with your coaching program to move yourself up in the running world is really great. I looked you up so that I could write you an email congratulating you, and then I stumbled upon your page and this post.

You may not remember me, but you trained me with Team In Training almost ten years ago and accompanied us all to the San Diego Marathon. It was my first marathon, and I was having a really really bad time of it around mile 17 or so. I didn't know you (I knew Brendan better), but you saw my condition out on a lonely patch of road, jumped in and literally held my hand for a bit and ran with me until I got my wits back. That really meant a lot and I still remember that so vividly.

Since then I've gone on to finish 9 more marathons at a pretty good clip, a couple of Ironmans, and a bunch of other stuff. (I'm desperately trying to get in to Boston too...) You also briefly coached my wife with Penguin and the FF club a few years back. But I always think back to San Diego and the motivation and inspiration you gave me there and I guess I wanted you to know that.

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's illness, and I'll keep you both in my prayers. I lost my father just this past December, and it's been a really hard road. But, as you say, there's something about running that makes you feel just a bit better. It sounds like you are finding time to spend with your dad during these difficult times, and that's wonderful. I'm certain he is very proud of you. Chin up.

cutiger95 said...
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