Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Warm Weather Running Tips

I had the chance to get out and run today. What a gift! The weather is Chicago has been pretty darn icky lately, but not this morning. I ran past the Lakefront beaches and they were taking down the winter snow fencing and that can only mean one thing... the warm weather runs are coming. The best way to acclimate to running in the warm weather is to give yourself time to acclimate.

It can take 10 days of running in warm weather for your body to acclimate. Take is easy and slow down. Wear technical fabrics that keep you cool. Wear sunscreen and shades to protect yourself from the sun and run when it is cooler in the day.

If your heart rate and effort level seem elevated, have no fear - you're RIGHT! Your body is trying its darndest to cool you off and it is a bit rusty since you've been running in the cooler temps. Work with it and slow down. Eventually, you will be able to run at your normal efforts in the warmer weather.

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