Saturday, May 06, 2006

Taking it to the streets...

What a week. I started my week in New York City with Health Magazine's Girls on the Move Running Club. It is an incredible Club that celebrates the power of women moving. The Online Club is motivating women throughout the nation to walk, run-walk and run together and have fun while getting fit. In the first month, they have over 4,000 members!

I also had the chance to run one of my favorite courses in the world...Central Park. I ran the loop around the Park which is a bout 6 miles and enjoyed every minute. There are tons of people riding, blading, running, walking, juggling... Not to mention the challenging rolling hills. Have I mentioned that I love running hills? It was a treat to say the least.

Today, I had the honor of running the 30th One America 500 Festival Indy Mini Marathon and had an absolutely magical day. The weather was perfect sunny and 45 degrees at the start 55 at the finish. You can't ask for much better than that. 35,000 participants towed the line in the town center of Indianapolis and ran 6 miles to the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway and back! More than 2 miles running on a track where cars race over 200 miles per hour. It really put things into perspective as it took me a little over 16 minutes to run what race cars cover in seconds. The course wiggles through the Indy community with over 120 entertainment stations. It is a wonderful start to a month long celebration for the city of Indianapolis and a race that is highly recommended in my book. Register early for this one. It sells out in November!

From the Big Apple to the Indy Speedway, running is a gift that has taken me to some really fun places...

Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny

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