Wednesday, April 18, 2007

40 Years...

Well, today is my 40th birthday. Although the past few weeks have been turbulent thinking about it, I feel just fine now that the magic day is here.

Wrinkles did not appear over night. Not any more at least.

There are no signs of memory loss. At least I can't remember any.

And I can still run with a smile on my face. It just takes me a little longer to recover.

Perhaps my fourth decade will be the best of all. There is no telling what the forties will bring. I am just glad it is here and I can stop worrying about turning forty and begin to enjoy BEING forty.

Life is good.



Tanya O'Neill said...


Enjoy Jenny and keep living your dreams : )

Sam said...

Happy Birthday you young whipper snapper!
You've done all that wild and crazy research for 4 decades and now it's time to really live!
Looking forward to seeing you and John on the trail.