Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love it when my body adapts

It happens every summer. We go from winter to summer in a matter a days and I find myself feeling just crummy during my hot weather runs. I've really been struggling the past two weeks running as it's been pretty darn warm for June in Chicago.

I keep repeating the hot weather mantra to remind myself that my body needs time to acclimate and adapt to running in the heat. It is very much like acclimating to the altitude, only it involves the body cooling itself rather than learning to function with less oxygen. It's plain and simple. My body simply needs to make friends with summer.

Well, today I am happy to report I bonded with Summer. I ran in 82 degree heat, which doesn't sound bad until you include the humidity at 90%! It was hot and I was happy. Not only was I able to run, but I ran a pretty descent Tempo pace too. Giddyup!

So my friends, if you are struggling with running in the heat and humidity take note...your body will adapt after about 2 weeks of running in warmer conditions. It will only do so if you are outdoors running in it and allowing your body to get really efficient at cooling the body. Until it does, take it slow and easy and repeat my mantra. "Slow and steady until my body makes friends with the heat."

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Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny

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