Monday, October 29, 2007

My Next Adventure

It was a beautiful weekend in Chicago. The weather was finally cool and crisp and perfect for a long run. We just launched our Winter Warriors program with a record sell out crowd and it is nice to be back on the trail this time of year. The path is peaceful, the weather is perfect and there are hundreds of new runners all training for their first half marathon. There is nothing like your first...

Speaking of firsts, my brother Scott has decided to train for his first marathon this year. I am speaking at the Disney Marathon this year and the family is coming too! He is doing very well with his training and we're going to run the race together in January. Funny, the last time we exercised together we were pretending we were professional football players in the backyard. Seems like just yesterday. We even had the black lines under our eyes for authenticity.

Anyway, I am proud of him for taking the challenge and excited to run with him. Disney is a very special place for our family. My mom and dad use to drive us down from Chicago to Orlando in the Spring and it was always an adventure. Funny how life comes full circle. Although we won't be driving this time, it will definitely be a great adventure. And one that will bring back all those magical childhood memories. I can't think of a better place for him to run his first marathon.

Happy Trails,



Wes said...

Yay! Disney will be my Dee Dee's first and my second, if I get past the Rocket City Marathon on December 8th... That's really cool you guys are going to run the same marathon together. That'll be special....

Sam said...

Really neat that you and your brother are going to run Disney.
Hope to see you there.
Jessica and I registered for it before my "injury":), oh ya injury!

My son Jacob, whom I think you met, decided to jump into training for it and wear my bib. Is that cool?
And he was the one who said he would NEVER run over 6 miles. Boy, life has it's twists and turns.

Anyway, they're training together for Disney, flights and reservations are booked and my daughter Sarah, her hubby and her two little girls are going down to enjoy the celebration too.

Really looking forward to it and best to you and your brother.