Monday, October 22, 2007

Recovering at 40...

It is one week and a day post Ultra Marathon, and I am still sore. Typically, post marathon the soreness subsides in 3-4 days and the healing gradually happens over three weeks or so. I ran a short run on Friday and was surprised my right quad cramped up in the middle of the run. That, and I was walking like Frankenstein until Thursday which is timely because of Halloween. It worked out nicely...

I think I am recovering more slowly for a few reasons. A, I used a lateral stepping motion while racing up the steep trail hills in the Ultra Marathon. I hadn't done that step since Eco-Challenge and although my body knew how to do it, my muscles were a little taken back. They went along with it in the race but let me know they weren't happy with me after the race.

And two, I am simply getting older and it takes longer to recover when we age. I haven't really raced hard in a few years so I haven't noticed my aging body's demand for extra TLC, but I am listening and learning.

The good thing is there is an element of wisdom that comes with age that has taught me to listen and modify my training. I remember in the adventure racing world many of the athletes were in their 40-50s and would kick the butts of the whipper snappers on the course. They trained just enough and not too much and used their wisdom to outwit and out smart.

So as I learn what its like to train and race in my 40s, I will lean more heavily on my wit and wisdom and less on my quads.

Happy Trails,


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