Monday, December 17, 2007

Snow Play

Just when I thought we had the fourth and final storm in December, we got hit with another one Friday-Sunday. But this time, the snow was just beautiful. It was the kind of snow storm I use to sit up late and watch as a child, counting down the minutes until I could go out and play in it. Snow angels were my favorite, especially in fluffy white snow. We use to play for hours making forts, snow ball fights and sledding down hills. Now I understand why we were fit kids. We played in the snow rather than complaining about it:)

I went for a run on the plowed and salted roads Sunday after all the snow had fallen and came across Cricket Hill. It is the only hill in Chicago and THE place to be after a significant snow fall. I stopped, took this video and just smiled watching the kids laughing, the adults smiling, and the dogs jumping in excitement.

I finished up my 6 miler and promised myself that next time I would "play" in the snow rather than run around it. I will break out the snow shoes, hit the trails and reap the benefits of a classic Chicago winter storm.

Happy Trails,



Vendelascity said...

What was I doing at home wearing my bathrobe when I should have been out on Cricket Hill with those kids?! Good times!

Marnee said...

Hi Jenny,

That is "used to" not "use to."

Merry Chirstmas.