Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year

Here's to a year full of happy miles and plenty of smiles. I am looking forward to getting back on the trails this Spring and perhaps even tackling another Ultra Marathon or two. But before I can dream about what Spring and Summer will bring, I have to focus on the next two months of adventures.

Next weekend I am running the 15th Anniversary Disney Marathon with my brother. He's trained hard and it will be his first so it should be a fun journey. The following weekend our team from Chicago Endurance Sports is running the Cabo San Lucas Half Marathon. I know, it is a tough job but someone has to do it:) Then at the end of February John and I are staff and crew for the Antarctica Marathon Expedition. The trip down there is adventure enough! I put together a slide show from last year's race so you can see how hard the course is.

I am grateful to have so many adventures to conquer this season. It's what keeps life interesting for me!

Here's to your next adventure. Please share with us what or where you are going...



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you next weekend. I am only doing the half but since I have added more running to my repitoire I may speed things up a little. That said it is supposed to be warm so I just may hang back and enjoy the sights.

Lisa Skier

tucsonbox said...

We'll see you at Disney. This will be my 5th and final marathon and then I am going back to doing half marathons!! Susan

Trish said...

Hi Coach Jenny, it's Trish (Who Wants to Get Active Sara's friend/part-time camera woman) from :)

I was just checking out your site and reading your blog. Good luck to you in your 2008 adventures! Will you be around for the Shamrock Shuffle?


p.s. I love Cricket Hill that you included in the previous post!

Jenny said...

Hi Trish-

It's good to hear from you! Yes, I will around for SS. Is that our target race with Sara?!?


Trish said...

Oh, I have no idea... I don't think so? I actually am not sure how long the program is going or around what dates would be a good time to target a race.

I was just curious because I signed up for the Shuffle the other day. :) I'm actually off for a little run along the lake now.

I think the blog training you are doing is really cool. I hope Sara takes full advantage of this opportunity.

Talk to you later,