Monday, August 18, 2008


I realized the past few months that I've pretty much been living in a fog for the past two years. After losing my father to a brain tumor, my gram and dog to old age, I just went "away" emotionally and physically. Almost in autopilot...

The good news is that I am realizing this and that must mean I am on the other side of it. Life rolls up and down and it sure is nice to be on the up part again! Speaking of up and downs, I am doing something that has been on my Life List for years. I've created an event (personal) called Rim2Rim4Roy to honor my father and put my strengths to good use.

This October, my brother Scott, a good friend and celebrity keyboardist Jeff McMahon (of Tim McGraw), my husband John Bingham and I will tackle twenty-five intensely rugged miles over 11,000 feet of elevation change in the Grand Canyon to raise awareness and funds for the Tug McGraw Foundation.

Our journey will take us 8-10 hours and none of us really knows what to expect (except maybe sore quads). I can hardly wait to take the first step. One, because it will be a cathartic adventure and will feel good to finally put action into something I've felt so helpless over. And two, it will be an epic adventure that I hope to bring others to down the road and continue to honor my father and raise funds and awareness. Stay tuned on that account...

We are shooting to raise $11,000, the total amount of the elevation gain and loss. If you are interested in supporting our cause, you can donate HERE.

More details on training and the Rim2Rim4Roy Adventure coming soon...

Happy Trails,


Eisparklz said...

Sounds like a great cause! Hope you guys will have your winter gear - I've been to the GC twice in October, and it's snowed both times. Idyllic from a wood cabin down the street, but slippery on the trails. Best of Luck and be careful!

Jenny said...

Good to know, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow... is all that I can say Jenny! What an unbelievable challenge for all of you but such an honorable way to honor your Father.
I will keep all of you in my prayers as you run,"Rim2Rim4Roy" You will definitely be running in God's Country.


Christine said...

Ok, Jenny I don't want to be anonymous, it's me, Christine Donovan! I accidently hit the wrong identity button on the site.

My comments are the same!

Take care!