Monday, August 25, 2008

It's Working...

I had the pleasure of cheering and supporting our Triathlon Team yesterday at the Accenture Triathlon (the world's largest ). We (Chicago Endurance Sports) had over 160 athletes racing and it was an absolutely beautiful day to swim, bike and run.

I sat for a while on the edge of the water cheering on swimmers and noticed a nice trend. Mothers, fathers, and grandparents walking along with kids in tow. Many of the kids had "Go Dad or Mom" on their shirts and all of them were eagerly awaiting a chance to cheer them on. I have to believe this is going to have a profound impact on the next generation and how active they choose to be. With parents as role models out there in the water and on the roads getting it done, their kids are going to choose to live an active lifestyle because it will be normal. And what a great way to be proactive in the battle with childhood obesity.

Way to go moms, dads and grandparents! You are a tremendous role model and your achievements today will make a huge impact on children tomorrow.

Keep it up...


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