Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A fun training run and a bad hair day...

I'm back from a long weekend at the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll Half Marathon. This is one of my favorite races of the season and a fun way to end the summer. It was a funny race for me and I struggled a little with the humidity. I think mostly because the weather in Chicago has been dry and cool all summer that I just wasn't acclimated for the 87% humidity even though the temps weren't crazy hot (75-80).

I can always tell how I will do in a race based on what my hair looks like:) Nice, smooth curls = a strong race. Out of control frizz = a tough race. And the minute I stepped off the plane in Norfolk, my hair looked like Rosseane, Roseannadanna. It's actually a great barometer for knowing when to cut back on pace and go with what the day brings, and I did just that. I actually used this race as a training run for my Rim2Rim4Roy challenge in early October. I ran to the start, ran the half marathon and then walked back to the hotel. Twenty miles in total and a perfect training day for me.

So I guess we're headed into fall, and with that begins my search for the perfect carmel apple. Because what is fall without carmel apples? Not a fall at all...

Happy Trails,


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