Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Finish Line

It's marathon season and a busy one at that. Last weekend, I coached our team (Chicago Endurance Sports) through the Chicago Marathon. After two years of very warm, non-marathon friendly weather we finally caught a break. It was almost perfect weather (32/42 F) to tackle 26.2 miles and the smiles that greeted me at the finish were a tell-tale sign.

Many were first-timers who just five months ago never dreamed they could finish a marathon. To look at them when they cross the finish is like seeing their life changing right before your eyes. You can almost see their shock and amazement of what they accomplished. Many take this energy and confidence to continue to run marathons, while others use it to tackle other life goals. Either way, it's an energy I never get tired of watching, and it's the true reward in coaching.

The seasoned marathoners also had a tremendous day with a record number of personal records set. From qualifying for the Boston Marathon to shedding significant chunks of time off their best marathon finishes (50 minutes). The veterans shared in the magic of the day as well. All the planets were in alignment Sunday and the glow will last for months.

The true gift of the day was watching everyone return to the CES Tent/Party after they finished and sharing their journey with their families, friends and fellow runners. Although they had to take every step on their own, running is a community sport and one that brings people together.

Happy Trails,



Andi Whaley said...

Congrats to you and all of your runners! Yay Team CES!! Hoping for similar weather in Philly next month.

Jenny said...

Thanks Andi and good luck at Philly! Let me know how it goes for you...