Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Amazing Race and a Wonderful Documentary: From the Mara to the Marathon

It's been a world-wind of a week...I successfully completed my target race, the North Face 50K Challenge and had the race of my life. I always go into events with neutral expectations, because you just never know what the day will bring. If you think sun and fun, it could be rain and sleet and not-so-much fun. To me, the best part of competing in events like the North Face Challenge is running into the great unknown. And when you run mindfully, there are a lot of wonderful things that happen along the trail of life.

I shed 37 minutes off my best 50K time and for the first time in my life placed third in my age group in a running event. But that wasn't the best part of the day.  The true gift were the conversations along the way.  Somewhere around 6-7 miles into the race, I hear two runners behind me and look back to see them trying to take a picture of the beautiful foliage. It was peaking in color, and just amazing to run through.  I offer to take their picture and start to talk about where they're from and why they are running the event. Turns out they are from Puerto Rico, and were acquaintances of a wonderful man we lost this year to a heart attack, Mike Forte.  Mike, was a veteran, a coach to thousands and an inspiration in the Puerto Rico running world. A man that helped change many lives.  What are the chances of running a race in Wisconsin with 250 runners and meeting a friend of a friend from Puerto Rico?  One in a million.  We shared a moment of silence for Mike, and kept running.

So often in life we focus on the outcome, the destination, but it the journey that is chock-full of life-changing moments.

The producers of this timely documentary "From Mara to the Marathon" have captured the essence of the spirit of running, and how it brings the world closer together.


*Photos by a great friend and crew for the race, Sallie Stiens.


Jeanne said...

Congratulations on an awesome PR, and earning a spot in the awards! Fun, fun.

Jenny said...

Thanks Jeanne!