Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lucky Duck

I was probably all of six or seven years old when I started organizing events. Big Wheel races down the block, hand stand contests, and of course the "who can ride their bike the longest with no hands" competition. So, as I stood next to my husband John Bingham at the start of the 2007 LaSalle Bank Chicago Distance Classic Half Marathon Sunday I was in tears.

It brought me back to what I love the most - movement and a great challenge with a few neighborhood friends. John bought the race in 2002 when there were about 2,000 runners and we've gradually built it up to over 11,800 - thanks to the wonderful Chicago running community.

I feel blessed to be able to do what I loved as a kid, share that with my husband and all the wonderful people we meet at the races. Thanks to all who have contributed to the success of this event.

Life is good.



Sam said...

Congrats on a great Distance Classic. Finally the "Chicago Race" can live up to it's name. Thanks also for the special shout out. It's been almost 2 weeks since surgery and I was able to comfortable walk over an hour on Saturday and will begin cardio rehab soon. Everyone tells me I'll be able to come back and run better than ever. I'm looking forward to that day. I want to blog or write about my mishap soon but I can't find the words yet. This was the most mind-blowing setback I've ever had and I've had several.
Still kickin though!

Vendelascity said...
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Vendelascity said...

Jenny, I was so looking forward to running in my first Chicago Marathon this year but unfortunately, I'm struggling with a back injury. Even though now I'm on hiatus from running, I still consider myself a part of Chicago's running community and plan to be out on the trails as soon as I can. After hearing about Sam's situation, and knowing how positive his attitude is, I realize that my situation is only a minor setback. Thank you for everything you've done for our running community and your contributions to our sport!

- Wendy

Anonymous said...

Nothing on John's blog since 7-29.
All OK?
Looking forward to more blogs from him.