Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Last Marathon

Wow, its great to be back. Well, actually we've been back for a few weeks now but traveling all over the place. The trip was fantastic and although I've been four times now, I still struggle with how to explain it all.

To me, the adventure is a huge part of it but it comes down to the people on the trip. Runners from all over the world on a ship for 10 days together, exploring a part of the world most will never see. The race is a tiny part of the experience and the runners and their stories become the spirit of each trip.

This year, we had a mountain runner from Poland slash the world record and run the course in 3:09, 30+ minutes faster than anyone has every covered the distance. On the women's side, two twins from Holland took first and second (we're not sure to this day which one won:). A fun race and another fascinating journey. By the way, that is me on the ATV on the top of the glacier climb leading the second place runner. John is on the other ATV on his way down. Very fun...

P.S. I didn't conquer my seasickness this time. Turns out we were on a much, much (much) smaller ship that was actually once used as an inter-island ferry to cross the Drake Passage. Although the seas were calm, I was rather sick. Hey, I'm a Cubs fan though so I have the words "there's always next year" embedded in my head!

Thanks for your patience and supportive emails!

Happy Trails,


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Vendelascity said...

That sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Is that you in the photo?