Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Podrunner: Intervals

I've always been a huge fan of music. I can't make music and I can barely sing it, but I love listening to it. Especially when I run.

That's why I am thrilled to announce I am working with DJ Steveboy and DJ Beatsmith and their Podrunner:Intervals music mixes for runners. But before I go any farther, I need to take a few steps back in time...well, more than just a few!

A long, long time ago in a far away place, I used to teach step aerobics when I started my fitness career in corporate fitness. The key to teaching step well is to step to the beat, up, up, down, down. So I was always on the look out for great music mixes that flowed seemlessly from one tune to another at fixed beats per minutes. That way, I could optimally torture the folks in my class to the beat. It made the time roll by and the inches burn off. Loved moving to music then and still do now. Are you still with me?

Take that love of moving to the beat and think running. My friend Kathy turned me on to Podrunner and I have been running to DJ Steveboy's FREE fixed tempo music mixes ever since. In fact, I use the mixes to coach runners on form and efficiency. It is the most popular music podcast and a perfect musical resource for runners and cyclists. I am a firm believer that music improves performance. Every race I've run with my iPod has been my fastest. But that debate is for a very different blog.

Fast-forward to a few months ago. DJ Steveboy and DJ Beatsmith create another "most popular" podcast called Podrunner: Intervals or P:I for short. P:Intervals is a varied beats per minute workout mix of music geared to runners, run-walkers and walkers! They started with a "First Day to 5K" mix that took you from the couch to running 30 minutes or a 5K. I emailed him to tell him it was a brilliant idea - and here we are now co-creating training mixes for all levels of runners and walkers. Life is good. I get to coach in a new format (auditory) and work with two very talented and creative DJs. What is better than that?

So, I encourage you to try out the new Podrunner: Intervals mix we launched this week. It is called "Gateway to 8K" and is geared to helping you go from 30 minutes or a 5K to 50 minutes or a 8K. The mixes include a 5 minute walking warm-up - then intervals of 7 minutes of upbeat music for running followed by 1 minute of slower paced music to power walk - then a cool down. There are tones to indicate when the warm up begins, when you should run and walk and then cool down so you don't even need to look down at your watch...just listen. Plus there is a training tip from me at the end of every mix.

If you're running has been on break this season (you're not alone), start with the "First Day to 5K" series and build back up the fun way...to the beat of some motivational music! You can find that series of mixes in the archives on the P:I homepage.

You can also download the free podcasts on iTunes. Just visit the iTunes Store, go to podcasts and do a search on Podrunner or Podrunner:Intervals!

It's Free, it's fun, and it will keep you moving and grooving...

Happy Feet, I mean Trails,



Anonymous said...

Jenny, does the First Day to 5k mix include the 5 minute warm up or does the music begin with the jog?

Jenny said...

All the mixes include a 5 minute walking warm up and cool down.

Andy C said...

Thanks for this Jenny!

I have done the c25k podcasts Robert Ullreys made last year and have downloaded the new first day to 5k mixes to change things up this year to get back to form after breaking my ankle. One thing I have been looking for was a natural progression from the 5k program but couldn't really find anything as simple as the C25K or FD25K programs. Hal Higdon's One Hour Runner program seemed the closest but I really wanted an auditory program to follow on my shuffle. So long story short, you just gave me the exact program I have been looking for!!! Thanks!

Andy C said...

BTW, it doesn't mention this on the podcast but I assume this program is meant to follow a three day a week routine like the 5k programs?