Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Seasonal Bite Me Zone

Well, it sure it great to see the sun these days. It seems like all we're talking about in the midwest is the tough winter we've had. It wasn't just the snowiest, but just so darn gloomy! I slipped into the Seasonal Bite Me Zone in late March and just now coming out of it. The Bite Me Zone is that place you can reach in a race when your blood sugar drops too low and you want to bite your best friend's head off...We've all been there both in and out of a race and I'm just climbing out of mine.

Here is Chicago, you know its spring when the boats hit the lakefront. April 1st was a cold day, but the first day the avid boaters could unveil their treasures and hit the lake! For a runner, you know it is spring when your pale, dry legs finally see the sun on a run. I'm happy to report I've run twice now in shorts and every week it gets just a little warmer. The great thing about living in a four-season climate is you always appreciate the next season.

John and I are off to Columbus for our race, the Capital City Half Marathon and Commit To Be Fit 5K. We'll celebrate with 5,000 of our favorite runners in the area and reach record numbers.

until next week....happy trails


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