Monday, May 12, 2008

When In Rhone...

I just returned from one of the prettiest half marathon courses I've ever run.  We brought a team(Chicago Endurance Sports) of about 100 runners to run the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon, and although it was hilly, they ran, they conquered, and they tasted wine at the end!  Now that's not what I typically recommend or even do myself post race, but when in Rhone, I mean Rome...

One of the coaching lessons I've learned in the over 15 years I've been at it is to go with the flow.  Some races you get out there and hammer, while others you go with what the day brings.  And when you run a race through Santa Barbara Wine Country, that means you make friends with the hills and enjoy the wine at the end.  And you can see from the picture that we did just that.  It was the perfect end to a challenging season.  

These days, running a race can mean so many things for so many different people.  There are charity runners racing for a cause, the elite runners trying to get the win, and every-day mortals getting away for a fun-filled weekend with a challenge thrown in the middle.  What ever your reason, find a race that you can enjoy.  Because if you're not having fun out there, what's the point.

Happy Trails,


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radiochick said...

that's so awesome that you run! U keep saying that I'm going to start but seems I never do.. Have you always liked running or did you start later.. just wondering.. I love to dance but running.. we'll see.. Reading your blog inspired me though! thanks! :-) have a great one!!