Monday, May 19, 2008

You Get What You Give

You never know when your past is going to hit you. Sometimes it is a full force blow to the mind and other times, an emotional flood of wonderful life experiences you instantly wish you could be experiencing all over again.

I was recently writing my blog on and looking for a link on Eco-Challenge, an endurance race I have done three times. When out of the blue a link to a YouTube video pops up in my google search screen. It is a 10-year Tribute to the race that changed my life and I literally got chills watching it all over again.

Racing in the Eco-Challenge; Borneo 2001, New Zealand 2002 and Fiji in 2003 gave me a life's worth of lessons that I put to good use every day of my life. Some of us learn with books, some with a therapist (tried this too), but for me, the ultimate challenge of learning to work as a team through what is billed as the most grueling endurance event in the world was the perfect platform. I grew up creating adventure where ever I could. So Eco came into my life at the perfect time and challenged my mind and body to grow and expand my limitations. One woman's torture is another's opportunity to break her own perceived barriers.

I must admit, I really miss those days but still find a good challenge here and there to keep me honest. Because getting a little dirty, pushing beyond my limits makes me feel alive and happy.

Enjoy the clip...

Happy Trails,


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Vendelascity said...

OMG, this is amazing! And you did this?? I'm getting chills,too. What an experience that must've been!