Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Happiest Race on Earth...

I have very fond memories of Disneyworld. My mom and dad would load the three kids in the van at 2am and drive straight through from Chicago to Orlando. We called it Disney or BUST! We wouldn't be three miles down the road when one of us would ask "how much farther is it?" I am sure we drove our parents crazy with the Sound of Music eight-track playing over and over. We could NOT wait to explore the wonderful world of Disney.

When they created the first Walt Disney World Marathon in 1994, I think I was one of the first people to register! It is a great way for an adult to have as much fun as a kid for a weekend. That was more than 10 years ago and the Disney people keep creating wonderful races.

John and I were invited to speak at the Inaugural DisneyLAND Half Marathon this weekend in Anaheim, CA. I have been counting the days until this event, and although my training has been less than optimal, I ran it at an easy pace and had a ball on the course. It is the only race where you can dress up like a character for the weekend and not have people look at you funny. You can bet this running girl has a new pair of golden ears...

The Disneyland Half Marathon is a very well organized event with loads of music and entertainment. We ran through all the theme parks, down the Santa Ana Trail by the river, through the scenic streets of Anaheim with mountains in the distance and around the bases in the Anaheim Angels MLB Team. All that and a high-five from Mickey and Minnie and the finish.

What is better than that?

Coach Jenny