Thursday, September 28, 2006

What Shall I Wear?

What to wear on those cool fall runs? I go through this every fall. In fact, it is my favorite time of year. The leaves show their brilliant colors, the crisp, cool days and the quest for the perfect caramel apple.

I have been running for years. You would think I would have this process down. Not true. Every fall, I have to figure out what to wear, how much or too little to wear on those crisp fall runs. I typically start out with too many layers fearing I will be cold then spend the entire run shedding layers. By the time I am finished, I have so many layers of clothing wrapped around my body I can't even move! I typically get it down to an outfit by the fourth or fifth cool run.

I try to follow these tips when figuring out what to wear on those cool fall runs...

-You should feel "chilled" at the start of your run. If you are toasty warm, you have too many layers on and will over heat.

-Dress for 15-20F degrees warmer than it is. If it is 40 degrees, dress for 55-60 degrees. That will allow for your increase in body temperature when running.

-Fall running clothes are cute and fun to shop for. When you buy something new, give an old piece away. Otherwise, you will end up spending all your time deciding which shirt or tights to wear rather than running in them!

Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny