Saturday, December 16, 2006

Feeling Goofy....

Okay, today I confirmed (with myself) I am going to run the Goofy Challenge again this year. John and I ran it last year and I just loved it. I wasn't sure whether I would get in the miles needed to be officially Goofy, but I have. So, I am Goofy about racing Goofy and it is only a few prescious weeks away.

The Goofy Challenge is a Disney Sports Event. You run the Disneyworld Half Marathon Saturday (and earn a Donald Duck Medal). You run the Disneyworld full Marathon Sunday (and earn a Mickey Mouse Medal). Together, half and full you finish as Goofy as they come and you earn a Donald, Mickey and Goofy medal. We all know it's all about the medals!!!

I won't be alone either. Last year, the brilliant Disney folks came up with the idea thinking maybe 300 people would do it. Well, 3,000 people later.... If you build it they will run!

So,I am feeling Goofy today. I have very fond memories of my father carrying me on his shoulders through the Magic Kingdom. This year, he will be on mine as I run through the Magic Kingdom...TWICE!

Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny

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