Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Magic Rock

I had the pleasure of running with Anna Saturday morning during our long run for the Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors Program. The team is training for the Miami Half Marathon and we got a break with weather that was sunny and in the 30s! Anything above 30 in the Chicago winters is a gift.

Anyway, back to Anna. It was a special morning for her. It was her wedding day...and she chose to share it with her running buddies. Anna ran her first half marathon with CES back in March, when the team traveled to the Valley of Gold Half in Tucson, Arizona ( a John Bingham Racing event).

On that trip, I hosted a hike in the Catalina Mountains the day before the race to see the sites, work off a little pre-race gitters AND show them the rock where John proposed to me. When we got to the Magic Rock, I told the story of how he carried the ring in his pocket until he got to this rock and sat me on it and bent down on one knee and proposed. All the girls in the group began rubbing the rock (the single girls, that is) for good luck and we all giggled.

Well, I am happy to report Anna got engaged to Seth, husband seven weeks after rubbing that rock and there are two other girls in that group that are in relationships. Happy wedding day Anna and Seth!

I believe in Karma. And now I believe in that Magic Rock!

Happy Trails,

Coach Jenny

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