Monday, September 24, 2007

The Beloved Bite Me Zone

John and I have a loving description for those runs that really, well, um, urgh, SUCK! The runs that humble. The runs that make you feel less than. The runs that slow you down so much you think you are running backwards. We call these runs "Bite Me Zone" Runs. Because, well, you are in the Bite Me Zone some, if not all of the time.

I was running my last long 21 miler for the Ultra Saturday afternoon and I knew from the very first step it was going to be a tough one. I was tired from a 12-hour motorcycle ride we took Friday and felt as if my legs were not attached to my body the entire time. I think it was due to the fatigue from the ride, but who knows. I had to get it in Saturday, so I took my time and made the best of it.

One might think you would stop running after an episode like this one, but I think these runs help me more on race day than the easy runs do. I had to mentally run through Saturday's long run. I couldn't rely on just my body and tuning out to my iPod. I had to think my way through. And that is a gift I will take advantage of on race day in a few weeks. With or without the Bite Me Zone.

Happy Trails,


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Sam said...

In my humble opinion, a 12 hour bike ride followed by a 21 mile run would be a big endurance builder. So, I hope your Ultra goes better than you're thinking at this point.Bet you'll be fine.