Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chafing from hell...

The weather is cool and crisp in Chicago this week and that means two things. One, running is a lot easier and my pace is faster without the heat and humidity. And two, the risk for chafing is much, much higher [much].

I was right in the middle of a phenomenal two hour trail run Friday afternoon when my legs started to rub like they were going to start a forest fire. The risk for chafing in cool, dry weather is much higher than the hot and humid weather because your sweat evaporates more readily and leaves a salty residue on your skin. Which in time, rubs like sandpaper and causes nasty chafing. I forgot to put on Bodyglide and I won't do that again any time soon!

There was nothing I could do...I tried water from my bottle, spit, moving my shorts around, and running on one leg with my eyes closed. I was stuck and had to run another hour back to the car while working up a chafing tattoo the size of a small car.

Despite not being able to walk normally all weekend, I had a great run. I am getting stronger on the trails and ready for my Ultra in October.

In my world it is officially fall as I enjoyed my first of many carmel apples last night.

Life is good.


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