Monday, June 23, 2008


It's a small world after all. Last fall as I sat in my office hammering away at blogs, emails and other fun coaching stuff my mind and heart was instantly pulled from away to watch this piece on the Today Show. It included a segment about a marathon runner from Palatine, Illinois named Jen McDevitt. It was an interview that left me speechless and also brought me to tears. You see, Jen is a brain tumor survivor. But more importantly, she is a runner. A marathon runner. She was diagnosed in 2003 only eight short weeks after having her son, Jack. What struck me was her amazing attitude and spirit. She trained for her first marathon in 2004 while under chemo (not to mention being a new mom, work...). It tugged on my heart strings as I had just lost my father to a brain tumor and felt a huge gravitational pull toward her and the cause (The Tug McGraw Foundation). I thought to myself, "self, someday I would like to meet Jen McDevitt and raise funds for the Tug McGraw Foundation."

Fast forward to now and Jen and I are quickly becoming friends (that's the small world part). I had the chance to meet Jen a few weeks back at a Tim McGraw Concert (read my blog about how serendipity plays a role here). She is hosting a race called the Jogginforthenoggin 5K
on Sunday, August 17th at 7:30 in Palatine, Illinois. I am going to run the race and I hope you can too. If you are in the area and looking for a fun 5K for a great cause, sign up here!

Or, if you want to volunteer and spread the good karma, shoot her an email and help out for the morning. Trust me, her energy and spirit will rub off on you:)

Watch Jen's Today Show interview post NYC 07 Marathon...


Jen McDevitt said...

jenny!!!! This run/walk is going to be so much fun. Groups of "NOGGINS" are running together and there are even a few bets and challenges going on. Thank you for your support. I hope you have as much fun running in it as I have had planning it. Who would've "thunk" sitting back at the concert this would come out of it. Forrest Gump is my favorite person so rather than RUN FORREST RUN! just say RUN NOGGIN RUN!!! See you soon!

Pablo Nyarady said...


What can I say, you two are awesome! - Lynanne and I are hoping to make it (logistically very tough), but if I don't see you there I will absolutely see ya in NYC on November 2nd for the "big one", unless you plan to go to Philly for the ING (TMF) half marathon,

Ya Gotta Believe,

Pablo Nyarady said...

Hi Jenny, & Jen,

This is Christine Donovan from Geneva,IL. I met you briefly for the first time, outside at the Pre- Party at the Tim McGraw concert in Chicago on May 24th. Jennifer Brusstar introduced us to each other. Do you remember me?

Anyway, it is a privledge to read about your very interesting life and all of your various "running" adventures. It sounds like you have had great travels and have met many great people along the way! Such as the amazing Jen McDevitt!

Jen... hope you,& Glen are training well for the upcoming marathons and of course "Joggin for the Noggin" event in August. I am looking forward to it, and remember if you need any help, I am here.

I've told you this before, but you are MY INSPIRATION TO RUN! I am truly motivated and I am so thankful that I met you. You have given me the inspiration and belief to do this 5K

Hugs, & Peace,