Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking For A 2008 Chicago Marathon Slot?

Greetings runners...many of you have written and asked about ways of getting into the 2008 Chicago Marathon (which is sold out). Well, good news...A charity that is near and dear to my heart has a few spots left for the Chicago Marathon. If you're looking, keep reading.

Team McGraw was established to raise funds for pioneering brain cancer research, increase public awareness of the disease, and support college students who exemplify leadership and Tug’s inspiring “Ya Gotta Believe” spirit.

Over 200,000 adults (my father included) and children annually receive a diagnosis of brain cancer, and the mission of the Foundation is to support research that will improve their quality of life in the physical, social, spiritual, and cognitive areas.

My brother Scott and I are raising funds for the Tug McGraw Foundation this year. More on that later...

If you know of anyone looking to get into the Chicago Marathon and wanting to raise funds for a great charity please send them HERE.

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