Monday, June 02, 2008

Tag Along To Get Faster

I get asked all the time "Coach Jenny, how do I get faster?" One of the fun ways to get faster or improve your performance is to train with athletes that are faster or better than you.

I finally got my mountain bike out and rode about 20 miles at Waterfall Glen Sunday. It is a beautiful and rolling 10-mile limestone path and the perfect place to ride. While I was getting my butt back in gear (literally), a "jersey" rode by me. A jersey is one of those serious cyclists with a fast, very light road bike and cool jersey to match. The competitive side of me decided to tag along and ride the draft and I had a ball doing so. It's been awhile since I rode my mt. bike or road bike in "a line" and it is a great way to push that extra inch. Doing do makes all the difference in the world.

When I needed to learn to paddle, I trained with my champion paddling teammates. When I needed to improve my technical mountain biking skills, I followed my professional mt. biking teammate. Although it can be a little intimidating, training with athletes that are strong and more skilled than you brings out the best you have and can push you to a whole new level.

World marathon holder, Paula Radcliffe was once asked what her training secret was and she said, "I train like a man." I guess for her since there aren't any women that are faster than she is in the marathon distance, she'd have to train with men!

Men or women, train with your buddies that are faster. In most cases, they are happy to teach you the skills or even happier to push you that extra mile:)

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